Washing Instructions


In order to keep your Bila sets looking as good as new we recommend the following:



We strongly advise hand washing your sets as this is the best way to maintain the colour and to prevent any fading. When handwashing use cold water and try to use as little washing detergent as possible. Instead, use a mild stain remover on spots and stains. 

After handwashing, don’t give the items a chance to bleed. The dye can bleed if the items are left drenched in water. Spin the items out in the washing machine so that they are as dry as possible and then hang the items on a clothesline. Ideally, dry them in the shade as the sunlight fades bright colours. Avoid tumble drying after washing them.


If you do wash your sets in the washing machine:

  • Wash on a cold gentle cycle, with minimal washing detergent.
  • Wash your sets separately just in case any of the colours bleed.
  • Turn your item inside out prior to putting it in the washer. This can help reduce the amount of fading on the outside of the item.
  • Wash using cold water as this helps prevent dyes from bleeding and if you do use detergent, be sure to use a gentle detergent that is formulated to work in cold water.
  • Avoid washing your clothes with heavy items such as jeans. Heavy items can cause friction in the wash which can make fabrics fade. Consider using short or gentle wash cycles to minimise friction.
  • Try to keep the amount of time the clothes spend in the machine after the washing cycle as ended to a minimum. If the items are left in the washer it can lead to the colours bleeding into one another.